SCHOOL BUILDING: The school fulfills all the requirements of the modern education system. Besides spacious classrooms, it has a multipurpose hall, well equipped labs and library.

LIBRARY: The school has well stocked library. The school subscribes to over hundred well known periodicals and newspapers. The library strives to make resources readily accessible when and wherever they are needed to enhance and promote the total growth and development of students and staff. To meet this end, RRGBBPS has more than 15000 books

COMPUTER LAB: Not far behind to experiment with new technology, a computer lab was set up. This has not only been able to keep our students abreast with the latest in the field of computer sciences but also have equipped them with skills required to survive in this modern world.

SCIENCE LAB: Well equipped and beautifully designed physics, chemistry and Biology Lab for practical work, activity based learning and to facilitate project work for all students.

MATH LAB: We have set up a mathematics laboratory to help students overcome their phobia of the subject and make it more interesting. The laboratory is a novel concept which enables students to learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify facts and theorems. The math lab helps students to understand, internalize, discover and verify the basic mathematical and geometrical concepts through concrete objects and situations, thus building interest and confidence in students learning the subject.

SOCIAL SCIENCE LAB: Social Science is a society-oriented subject, which deals with our past, our surrounding and the art of administration. RRGBBPS provides a very well equipped social science lab consisting of numerous charts, still and working models. Social science quiz, exhibition and group discussions are held at regular intervals, which enable the students to learn while doing. 

CANTEEN:  Canteen facility is extended by the school for the convenience of the students. The canteen serves healthy, nutritious and fresh food throughout the year.

HEALTH CARE: There is a well-equipped medical room which functions during school hours. The medical room is staffed by trained personnel during school hours. We conduct annual medical check-ups (inclusive of Vision, Dental, Hearing, Obesity and physical examination) at school premises. This saves time for the students and ensures that it does not interrupt their studies. Recent studies suggest that more than 80% of parents do not provide for preventive health check-up of their children for reasons such as lack of awareness, time constraints, etc. We make it easy by bringing it to our school. After medical check-up, we provide descriptive report for individual students. This helps parents in understanding health of their child.

AUDIO VISUAL ROOM: I hear I don’t understand I see I remember

An audio visual room has been set up to make the class room teaching more effective and interesting, for visual has much more impact than listening. Students of class I and II are taken to the Audio – Visual Room regularly so that learning could be made easier and more interesting. Healthy group discussions are held and the interaction between the students and the teachers leads to better learning.

MUSIC ROOM: The arts enrich all of our lives! We provide a nurturing environment for our students to engage in the finest performing arts education. Our staff is composed of experienced educators and professional performers, who provide our students with the very best in technical training and performance opportunities. We have state as well as national level awards to our credit.